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Is there a mute function?

Hi, I just got done playing this, and I really enjoyed it. I was just wondering, are there are any plans for a sequel? Are you planning on making any more games? I would love to support any future endeavours. Regardless, thank you.

Wandered in here randomly. Really dig the art style, but can't play because there's no Linux option.  :_(  Sure looks fun though..... Maybe consider using the Godot Game Engine? It's perfect for this style of game and super easy to port to Windows, Mac, Linux.

you should make some fan service secene your art and charaters are great.

might I ask, what does this include within #NSFW? I found this while searching for adult games and was just curious. does seem to look neat though. Good work!

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There are some boobs in here, language that would make it nsfw on its own, and some ass.

almost forgot, an in game pornographic novel becomes a thing for a bit.


Any chance you might be able to release this for Mac on itch? I'd be happy to purchase this game full price here rather than Steam, but I'd also like to play it on my computer, and I'm a bit confused why it's available for Mac on Steam but not here. 

Hello, not sure if anyone's reading this, I only just remembered it myself...

A couple months ago I was trying to buy Steam keys for your game to give away, but fortunately gifting directly via Steam worked, so that workaround wasn't needed after all.  In case you stumble upon that old message,  umm, never mind. :)

I did buy one copy for myself too, turns out it was a lot of fun.  Thank you!

p.s. Is a mouse-click the only way to advance the text?  Nothing on my keyboard worked.  Also, I couldn't find a history of previous lines of dialogue, if I accidentally double-clicked my mouse button and skipped a line.

How do I download this game??? I'm not seeing a single link on this page to download it from.

Hello, not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I'm curious if you are selling Steam keys for this game anywhere.

I would like to give some to various people in Steam key form, since currently on Steam you can't gift a game to someone if their region's price is 10% more expensive than yours, i.e. the error message "Due to regional price differences, the gift you are trying to send cannot be sent to the recipient's region."

Thank you! :)


I want to purchase this game eventually but I am worried about any viruses or whatever plus putting my credit card info on this site cause I never used it before. Can anyone weigh in on how safe all this is?


The game's also on Steam if you're worried about stuff like that.

I didnt want to sound rude or anything to you as the developer, its more of just Itch in general. I love the art in this game and I just wanted to do it from here cause Steam censors stuff and I wasnt exactly sure what this game contains.So please forgive me, I know I am just some dude that doesnt matter but I would hate having someone think I was trying to insult them.


Itch is legit, and they treat developers a lot better than Steam.

Oh man, definitely going to play this when I get a chance! I love the art, it looks amazing!


make it free pls

It's only 6 bucks for a good ass game...

It's not porn so don't complain about the price...